The Tale Of El Loro Sabio y El Jaguar Torpe

This is the story of el loro sabio y el jaguar torpe – the wise parrot and the clumsy jaguar. As the legend goes, one day the two foes made a bet as to who could win the amor of Rosa Maria, the most beautiful woman in the village. To prove their love, each would bring her a single regalo 
(or gift).
The clumsy jaguar stumbled about aimlessly for days on end, eventually settling on a ripe and juicy limón. Unable to resist temptation, he returned with the lime half-eaten, much to Rosa Maria’s dismay.
The wise parrot, cunning as ever, soared deep into the heart of The Forbidden Forest. Weeks later, he returned to Rosa Maria with a drink of ice cold cerveza from the glorious, 
ever-flowing Fountain of Calidad. Rosa 
Maria was absolutely overjoyed by the wise 
parrot’s gesture.
But in the spirit of peace and friendship, she welcomed the clumsy Jaguar and his half-eaten lime, in turn creating the perfect pairing: Calidad y limón! And the blessing of Calidad was forever shared with all 
of humankind.